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This is the personal site of electronics enthusiast, freelance web developer and professional geek James Waples.

Poking around about somewhere is the Wallpaper Gallery, along with some Tutorials and jQuery Plugins to boot. I put my work/tutorials up for free in the hope that it may one day help someone, somewhere, doing something productive.

If you find any of my work useful or helpful, please consider donating via PayPal, or Flattring me using the Donate and Flattr this buttons respectively. Thank you.

Access The Pirate Bay through Virgin Media

On the 3rd of May (I think), Virgin Media blocked and sister domains from being accessed by it's customers in accordance with a court order passed by some high court judge with half a sheep on his head.

This makes me angry, but I don't really care because it's so fantastically easy to bypass. In fact, there's a way to do that right over here. It only works for Linux and Mac users, but the page does have the IP of The Pirate Party's TPB proxy in it, so that should work with whatever strange mapping system Windows uses.

Hey bbz. How you doin?

I've had a couple of chat robots add me on MSN recently. I hate their creators (if you can call a script kiddie in eastern Europe anything more than a mindless ape) with a passion, but the robots themselves are fun to fuck about with.

The first one was a delight to talk to. The algorithms used to sniff out words are, as expected, absolutely rubbish. Just writing robot over and over again prompts the same response.

For my first encounter with the enlightened, take a look at the log here, and for the second have a squiz at this one.